Wanted: Auskick Coordinator


Over the last few years, Craigburn has run an Auskick Centre on Sunday mornings run by school parents. Auskick has been highly supported, professionally run and enjoyed by many participating children and families.

A huge thank you to Justin M. for his dedication and hard work throughout the coordination of the program in 2018.

In 2019 we are looking for a new Auskick coordinator for Craigburn. Note, that the minimum time requirement for an Auskick Centre is 6 weeks. This means that the centre can be run at any time over Terms 2 and 3 for this minimum period of time.

Please note that a wide variety of resources are available to help parents run the Auskick program. Unfortunately if we are unable to find any parents to coordinate Auskick this year then the program will not be able to operate.

In past years, we have always had a large group of enthusiastic parents/caregivers to help out at Auskick sessions.

So…don’t hold back … ‘Be brave and participate’

If you are interested in volunteering for this coordinator role – please contact Mike Hanna, Year 3/4 teacher, via the front office, who has been successfully facilitating the program at Craigburn over many years

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