School Photos – Tuesday 30th July 2019


School photos are scheduled for Tuesday 30th July – Week 2 of Term 3.

Please note the details below:

  • Photo envelopes will be sent home on Day 1 of Term 3 – Monday 22nd July.
  • Every family with more than one child will receive a Family Envelope via eldest in the family.
  • Please take time to read the relevant information on the envelopes.
  • Please do not seal envelopes inside each other.
  • Payment can be made for all children in one envelope however each child needs to have their own envelope on photo day.
  • Please enclose correct money as no change is given. Cash, cheques, credit card and money order are accepted.
  • Placing your child’s order online is the safest and easiest way to order school photos and the range available for 2019 has increased!
    • Go to
    • Enter the Shootkey from your envelope and make your selection
    • If you are having a sibling photo taken, do the same with the Shootkey printed on that envelope
  • Contact [email protected] or phone 8391 3951 with any other queries.

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