Sports Day House Captains


Congratulations to the 29 Year 7 students who nominated for this years Sports Day House Captains. All students  delivered exceptional speeches to their teams outlining their skills and desire to be House Captains for 2019. We are very lucky to have such enthusiastic dedicated students in our school willing to put their hand up for leadership opportunities.

Introducing our 2019 Sports Day House Captains.

Bradman Captains: Tiago B & Charlie M – Vice Captains: Dylan A & Lily P

Fraser Captains: Harrison S & Tiana L – Vice Captains: Oscar M & Sophia DB

Riley Captains: Ryan L & Isabella L – Vice Captains: Will L & Amelie M

Woodforde Captains: Hugh N & Eliza W – Vice Captains: Lewis H & Zoe H

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